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Included in this kit:

  • Ceremonial Matcha ( 40 servings): Start your matcha journey with the finest grade of matcha. This bright green powder will energize your day and keep you coming back for more!
  • Matcha Bowl: This hand crafted ceramic bowl has the perfect shape to whisk matcha to it's frothy goodness.
  • Matcha Whisk: Full Leaf's 100 prong bamboo whisk is engineered to create optimal agitation of the matcha.
  • Matcha Whisk Holder: A necessary companion to the whisk, the whisk holder will keep your whisk in the perfect shape to extend its life and keep it working well.
  • Bamboo Scoop: No more guessing! Full Leaf's bamboo scoop takes the perfect amount of matcha for each delicious cup.

Matcha Starter Kit