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Meal Plans


We want you to have the best experience possible with your waist trainer. For that reason we have provided a meal plan that will allow you to get the best results.







We love this plan written by one of our team members! It has a lot of options and can be ongoing. This is the perfect meal plan for a new lifestyle.

























Diet Plan



Choice 1:  Egg white or whole egg with 2 slices of turkey bacon, 1 slice of whole wheat bread, cup of fruit

Choice 2: oatmeal with blueberries, 1 cup of green tea

Choice 3: Whole wheat waffles and maple syrup, ½ cup of fruit



          Choice 1: Banana/peanut butter

          Choice 2: Greek Yogurt

          Choice 3: Apples/ green tea


          Choice 1: Grilled Chicken, brown rice and any veggies of your choice

          Choice 2: Turkey Burger and 1 cup of vegetables

          Choice 3: Salmon, Fish, or chicken with salad of your choice.

          Choice 4: Whole wheat wrap with grilled chicken, lettuce and tomato


          Choice 1: Cottage cheese

          Choice 2: Hummus and carrots

          Choice 3: Almonds/nuts


          Choice 1: Grilled chicken, avocado and tomatoes

          Choice 2: Whole wheat pasta and turkey meatballs

          Choice 3: Salmon, fish or grilled chicken whole wheat wraps/sandwiches

Snacks: (only if needed)

          Choice 1: Cup of fruit

          Choice 2: yogurt